Well…if it is, readers should know how that goes. Herby & Co. can’t seem to stay dead for long. I mean…come on! Mindy’s been dead since Chapter 1! That’s how we roll, here.

What I’m saying is that Lawn Order is on temporary hiatus. It certainly ain’t over, folks, but I can’t even hazard a guess as to when Chapter 6 will come out. It’s been scripted, but with the course-load I’m juggling at MSU and the other thieves of my creative time and abilities, I don’t know when I’ll have the time and energy to give Herby his due. And since I wanna do this right, I’m not going to force it.

All I can say is that Herby’s foibles will be documented again one day in the not-so-distant future. Don’t ask me to define “not-so-distant.” I mean…time’s all relative anyhow, right?

I have no plans of abandoning this project until all 13 anticipated Chapters have been pooped out.

Thank you for your patience. Now go eat some toast and punch some demonic pansies!


Chapter V: Wake!

So I was two hours late. Forgive me, dear readers!

Chapter IV: Who?

Hard on the heels of Chapter III comes this one, which may or may not be the last one I can pop out for a while – I’m going abroad, more or less, and I’ll busy writing other nonsense.
I hope it pleases; it’s difficult to strike a balance between drama and comedy – such is the fate of any dramedy.
And…I AM evil. That’s a cliffhanger if I’ve ever seen one.

Chapter III: WHY?

And here she blows: Chapter III enters the interweb, after an extended break.

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Alright, kiddies. Droppin’ Chapter 2…like it’s hot or covered in nettles, or something. Fair warning, however: It’s exam season here at school, so I’m gonna need some major encouragement if I’m expected to pop out another chapter by early May. Tell your friends to join the group – my current readers are, of course, awesome, but I’d love to keep expanding the readership.

Also keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming contest. Some lucky bastard among you will win some original art!

Finally…enjoy the wonkiness that ensues. I hope it POWNS expectations!

NOTE: Based on preferences shown in the poll, this chapter will be converted back to manga style – read from right to left. All subsequent chapters will be in the same format.
You win!

Alright. So here’s the first chapter of this monstrosity. Despite the fact that I’m not Japanese and I read from left to right, I styled this after a manga to appease the majority of the readers I expect will check this out.

Let the chaos begin.

Please feel free to leave comments. If I get enough support, the story will surely go on!